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Woow Adventures is a Club Penguin series starring Woow50000 and his friends, going on adventures and misadventures.

Main StoryEdit

Season 1 does not really start off with any story since CartoonAddict really just created those episodes for fun. However, there is some kind of a story. At first, Ding liked Woow, but got annoyed and turned into an antagonist. Later, Woow stops her from attacking Club Penguin and breaks both of his arms. Even later, his arms heal. From there on out, there has not really been any story the series follows.

However, the upcoming season 2 will have a story. Not that much is known about the upcoming season 2.


These are the episodes. Season 1 consists of 17.

Episodes of Woow Adventures
Season 1

Introduction, Internet Wars, Doesn't Happen Everyday, Chocolate Selling Contest, Zomb Patricks Day, Earth Hour Madness, April Fools Day, Club Penguin Games, Woowsynthesis, The Meeting, Portals R Us, Trivia, The Musical, Tis' The Season to be Solving, Woow Themed Sleigh, Valentines Day Trouble, Slender


These are the songs in Woow Adventures.

Woow Adventures Songs
Season 1

Portals R Us, Why Did This Happen?, Solution, Trap, MP3K, Hey Guards, Epic Rap Battles of Penguinity, Where Should We Hide?, Saving the Club Penguin, Mystery, Woow Themed Sleigh, Credits Song


  • CartoonAddict created the series in order to create a Club Penguin drama starring Woow50000.
    • He refrained from any direct mentions of love being involved in the first season, however.
    • This is because he was not involved with any school drama, at all, and wanted to feel better.
  • A side series called Woow Adventures Shorts has also been made.
    • These are the episodes: Mario and Rescue Superstar Saga, Walking Upsidedown, and Leap Day.
  • The first song was in the episode Portals R Us.
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