Woow50000 (also known as Woow and Woow50k) is a character from CartoonAddict's Club Penguin videos.
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A picture of Woow

He is a red penguin. Woow enjoys adventuring and spoiling evil plots from his enemies.


Woow50k has undergone several changes throughout all of CartoonAddict's videos. In all of them, he is red and wears something around his neck.

Woow started off weraring a blue skater hat, a medal, a blue hoodie with a red and white pattern, and red shoes.

Sooner or later, Woow changed and had a different look. He wore a white shirt with a firey puffle on it, a black suit with red dots, a blue propeller cap, blue shoes, and a yellow scarf.

And finally, the Woow50k from today (hey that rhymes) wears a yellow hard hat, a white shirt, a "Penguin Band" hoodie, glow-in-the-dark shoes, and a red keytar.


Woow is usually starts off having fun in each video, but then sees or hears about a problem and solves it. His first major appearance was in The Tsunami, where he had to save Club Penguin from a tsunami. Sooner or later, he was the main character of the series Woow Adventures. He enjoys hanging out with YoshiCwaft and Epic1337. After a while of not being seen, all of the characters from previous productions broke loose, where he met his past-self from The Tsunami, who didn't like him for being "an imposter."


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Appearances in Videos Edit

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  • His red keytar can shoot lasers.
  • He was the first protagonist to be followed in CartoonAddict videos.
    • He was also the main protagonist for a while.
  • He was the first character to have a series named after him.
  • His favorite food is pizza.


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