"Why Skydoesminecraft Doesn't Play Club Penguin" is
Why Skydoesminecraft Doesnt Play Club Penguin
a Minecraft-Club Penguin crossover video where Skydoesminecraft and his friends (named below) decide to record a Club Penguin commentary, but get stuck in Club Penguin.


It all starts off in the Minecraft game Quick Sand, where Skydoesminecraft, JeromeASF, xRPMx13, and BajanCanadian are all playing together. That is, until they see a person with a "Club Penguin skin" and decide to make a video on Club Penguin.

When they log in, Skydoesminecraft is digitized into the game. To get out, Skydoesminecraft walks around and tries to smash the Hydro Hopper, only to fall flat on the ground. While being flat, he sees BajanCanadian walk by, and chases him. They talk and BajanCanadian says that he saw JeromeASF by the Lighthouse. They talk about how they want to get out, and soon come across xRPMx13, who is ranting about his clothes.

After walking into him, Jerome says that he found someone who can get them back to Minecraft. This someone is Woow50000. Woow brings them to the Gift Shop Office and presents them the Minecraft-Club Penguin Portal. Everyone is sucked into it, and lands in a Minecraft Hunger Games server. Woow then realizes that he is in Minecraft and just stands akwardly.




  • This is CartoonAddict's first crossover video between Minecraft and Club Penguin.


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