The Club
Club Penguin Academy Reminder Letter
Penguin Academy Back to School Letter is a letter sent out by the Club Penguin Academy to make sure that everyone knows that school is about to start.


This letter is just plain white with plain text. The "to" and "from" labels are in the top left corner. The message is centered under it. In the top right corner is the Club Penguin Academy Stamp.


CartoonAddict Objects

Code Door

Club Penguin
Club Penguin Academy Back to School Letter, EvapoRobot, Fake Mind Reading Helmet, Giant Bottle of Hot Sauce, Laser Keytar, Mind Reading Helmet, Rookie Costume, Waterproof Jetpack

Bloxy Cola

Crossover Objects
Roblox-Club Penguin Portal, Minecraft-Club Penguin Portal, Portal of the Internet, Real Life-Club Penguin Portal